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About Us

Discover Why We Launched Camps101.com

Camps101.com is the fastest growing professional camp directory that you can rely on to quickly discover, research, and compare a variety of camp options.

We know that attending camp provides valuable life skills and experiences that help us or our child(ren) more easily adjust to the challenges we face as we grow, mature, and enter the real world.

Our team works with a lot of camps and we discovered that camps struggle to reach parents and family members that are looking for the exact offerings of those camps.

At the same time, parents and family members experience this fear of choosing the wrong camp. They told us that searching the Internet results in information overload, which makes it unnecessarily complicated to determine what camp is the best camp for their needs.  So they relied more on what their friends shared about camps on social media than the information available to them online.

That is why our team was so proud to launch Camps101.com, which is rapidly becoming a top resource that enables people to discover and evaluate camp opportunities and offerings that serve their particular needs.

Our team was not done…we also launched the Summer Fun & Camp Fairs event series, which:

  • promotes discovery of the large variety of camps out there,
  • empowers kids to get involved in the decision making, and
  • fosters positive engagement between families and those camps.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to us here if you have any questions or if you have feedback that you would like to share with the Camps101 team!